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Assessment of the impact speed and angle conditions for

In comparison to EN1317, the US standard MASH has higher impact angles for cars and pickups (25°) and different vehicle masses. Studies in Europe (RISER) and the US have shown values for the 90th percentile impact angle of 30-34°. Thus the limited evidence available suggests that the 20° angle applied in EN 1317 may be too low. CEN/TS 1317-8 - International Design & Technical StandardsApr 01, 2012 · The assessment of performance of impacting vehicles is covered by EN 1317-1 and EN 1317-2. This Technical Specification defines performance classes taking into account rider speed classes, impact severity and the working width of the system with respect to rider impacts.

DIN EN 1317-5 - European Standards

Homepage>DIN Standards> DIN EN 1317-5 Road restraint systems - Part 5:Product requirements and evaluation of conformity for vehicle restraint systems (includes Amendment A2:2012) EN 1317 - bbarsSuite of Performance Standards for the design, manufacture & testing of vehicle restraint systems (VRS) to a common European Standard. First implemented in 1998, and kept updated by various CEN committees and Working Groups. Split into various sections. EN 1317 EN1317-2 H1 W4 Highway Crash Barrier GuardrailsEN1317-2 H1 W4 Highway Crash Barrier Guardrails Europe EN standard highway guardrails is made and tested according to EN1317-2 specifications. Our guard rails have passed the testing grade N1, N2, H1 and H2 based on the initial type test criteria (ITT).


Asset International (A Division of Hill and Smith) EN1317-5:2007+A1:2008:Springvale Avenue Bilston Wolverhampton N2 W6 No:NA B:WV14 0QL Tel. 01902 499402 H2 W8:No NR:B Fax. 01902 402104:email:[email protected] H1 W8 No:NR B:Web Site:asset-vrs.uk Asset International (A Division of Hill and Smith) EN1317-5:2007+A1 PREN 1317-7 - Engineering StandardsJun 01, 2012 · NOTE This European Standard should be read in conjunction with EN 1317-1. Both these standards support EN 1317-5. The modifications included in this European Standard are not a change of test criteria, in the sense of the EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012, ZA.3. The performance of a terminal in general is dependent on the barrier connected. Transpolis - crash tests on road safety equipmentsA dedicated team of experts for a turnkey service:FE Models, Crash tests, Analyses and Correlation. The crash test can be based on an internal study provided by the customer, or we can correlate parametric studies with 3D simulation expertise based on EN16303 / TR16303 standards. As our valued customer, we remain productively by your side

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Mar 12, 2020 · This standard was established on January 1, 2011 by the European Union, and certifies the quality and safety of vehicle containment systems. It is based on subjecting these systems, such as parapets or guardrails, to a test methodology following specific criteria valid for all Europe. Among many other things, the UNE EN 1317 standard harmonizes EN 1317 ERFEN 1317 is a European Norm etablished in 1998 that defines common testing and certification procedures for road restraintsystems. The use of the CE marking coming from its part 5 is mandatory for each EU nation as from January 2011.