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Bartec Plus Couplers Ancon

Type B connections are used where the continuation bar can be rotated for no more than one revolution. Bartec Plus Transition Type C The Type C connection utilises the same coupler as for the Type A, together with two locknuts and longer threads on the bar ends. Installation Practices*Pressure connectors of the setscrew or bolted mechan­ ical type. Fig. 11-2, also provide a rapid means of making connections particularly where space is limited and where many taps are taken from a main as in panel boards or junction boxes. Aluminum connector bodies are ma­ chined from extruded high-strength aluminum, such as 6061-T6.

Joints and Connections in FEA - Digital Engineering 24/7

May 05, 2014 · This article looks at the various modeling assumptions and implications when considering bolted type connections. Other connections such as spot welds, continuous welds and bonding will be considered in a separate article. Bolting Requirements. Figure 1 shows the main characteristics of a typical bolted joint. The bolt consists of a shank and a List of 20 Different Types of Nuts & Bolts [with PDF May 10, 2020 · 2.9. Locking By a Lock Nut. 2.10. Locking By Spring Washer. 2.11. Screw Pin Locking. In this article, you will learn about the types of nuts and bolts. A bolt contains two parts a shank and head. The cylindrical portion of the bolt is known as the shank. Metal Expansion Joint - Henan Lanphan Technology Co. Ltd.Metal Expansion Joint. Flange. KR-H (J) Big Space Clamp Coupling. Slip Type Expansion Joint. VSSJAFG One-Flange Dismantling Joint. SSJB-3 Gland Loosing Expansion Joint. SSJB Mechanical Pipe Couplings. VSSJA-2 Double Flanges Loosing Stop Expansion Joint. VSSJAF Double Flanges Dismantling Joints.

Pump Connection Flexible Mechanical Coupling

2. Equipment connection applications include valve, pump, meter and other flanged fitting installations. 3. Longitudinal adjustment is provided by the telescoping action Schneider Electric Busway Systems - Steven EngineeringBusway Systems Catalog 5600CT9101R08/13 2014 Class 5600 Courtesy of Steven Engineering, Inc. - (800) 258-9200 - [email protected] - stevenengineering Standard Couplers - LENTONStandard Couplers. nVent LENTON Standard Couplers are designed to splice the same diameter bars where at least one bar is free to be rotated and is not restricted in its axial direction. The couplers are machined to have taper threads at both ends, creating a mechanical butt

Type H High strength split-bolt connectors

A4 BLACKBURN MECHANICAL CONNECTORS For copper to copper connections A6 BLACKBURN MECHANICAL CONNECTORS Type AAW Aluminum split-bolt connectors with spacer and washers APS500* 5002 str. 1116 0.84 2 3.62 258 * Square head design CSA not applicable. Cat. no. Conductor range (AWG or kcmil) WELD STUD SPECIFICATIONS WELD STUD PACKAGING Mechanical Property Requirements Type A Type B Tensile Strength 61,000 psi min. 65,000 psi min. Yield Strength 49,000 psi min. 51,000 psi concrete connections. They can be welded to a flat surface, 1/2 Headed Concrete Anchors. STUD WELDING PRODUCTS, INC. Weld Studs Shear Connector Weld Studs Haydon Bolts Shear Connector Weld Studs. Shear Connector Weld Studs are unthreaded with an upset head. Designed to interconnect the concrete slab to the load bearing steel beams. Because of the inter connection or composite construction resists shear loading between the concrete and steel beams. Meets with AWS and all other applicable specifications.


ZAP SCREWLOK TYPE 2/ EPOXY SERIES L 1.5 2.6 3.8 6.2 9.3 14.3 18.2 22.3 26.0 58.4 5 7 9 103 /4 13 13 7 /8 16 1/2 19 1/8 13 ZAP SCREWLOK® Mechanical Splices and Connectors for Reinforcing Bars transmitting a proportion of force from bar to concrete via head bearing area. Square Headed Mechanical Anchorage Dimensions MEMBER MEMBER