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API Drill Pipe Specifications, Thread Types &Tables

Nov 02, 2017 · The actual weight of the 5 drill pipe in the above example is 20.89 lb/ft. The actual weight for grade G pipe is 21.92 lb/ft. The Drill Pipe Grade Specifications. Drill Pipe Grade states the minimum yield strength of the metal which is the tensile stress that will result in 0.5% strain. Grade E drill pipe has a yield strength of 75,000 psi. Conventional Heavy Weight Drill Pipe*intermediate-weight drill stem component is the Heavy Weight Drill Pipe. To make this drill pipe useful in several various applications, the Heavy Weight Drill Pipe is available in standard and spiraled. To improve tube life, reduce hole drag and dierential sticking challenges, standard heavy weight utilizes a center upset or wear pad.


standard weight s135 ss105 g105 ss95 x95 ultrasonic end area &/or slip area class 4 class 3 class 2 premium class heavy wall 80% remaining wall (red band) damaged or cracked (do not use) (blue band) excessive wear (double green band) (shop repairable) (green band) seal damage (field repairable) (yellow band) improper bevel (field repairable) Drill Pipes Drill Pipe Specificationsdrill pipe, drill pipes, API drill pipes. Drill Pipe Specifications Drill string and components Table DS-1Table DS-1:Drill pipe grades. Current Grades Grade Code Minimum Yield (psi) E-75 E 75,000 X-95 X 95,000 G-105 G 105,000 S-135 S 135,000 Z-140* Z 140,000 V-150* V 150,000 U-165* U 165,000 Drill pipe tubes are furnished in the following API length ranges: Range 1:18-22 ft; Range 2:27-30 ft; Range 3:38-45 ft.

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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Spec Sheets; PDF Spec Sheet OD (in) Connection Type Design Nominal (lb/ft) TJ_OD (in) Tube_ID (in) TJ_Yield (ft-lbs) MUT (ft-lbs) Tensile (lbs) Spec Sheet:3-1/2:NC 38:Std. Conventional:23.73:4.875:2.250:22 900:11 450 13 740:310 500:Spec Sheet:4:XT 39:Std. Conventional:28.24:4.875:2.563:37 000:12 400 - 22 200:407 600:Spec Sheet:4:XT 39:Std. Tri Heavy-Weight Drillpipe Specs Odfjell Well ServicesHeavy-Weight Drillpipe Download specifications for our heavy-weight drillpipes 2-7/8" OD X 1-1/2" ID, 110 KSI HWDP, R-2, WT-23, Intregral - HWDP-2.875-01 3-1/2" OD X 2-1/4" ID, 4-3/4 OD HWDP, R-2, NC-38 VAM EIS, Conventional - HWDP-3.5-01 Landing String Spec Sheets Workstrings InternationalDrill Pipe Landing String Heavy Weight Drill Pipe Drill Collars Tubing Completion and Intervention Tubulars WorkTech Joints. Landing String Mechanical Properties and Specifications. Imperial; Metric; Open PDF OD (in) Connection Grade Range Wall (in) Nominal Weight (lb/ft) Adjusted Weight (lb/ft) Tube ID (in) TJ OD (in) TJ ID (in) TJ


5-7/8" OD Heavy-Weight Drill Pipe, XT-57 Conn's. 2 TCS ium Type Range Convensional HW-105, 49.17# Cross Sectional Area New Convensional=welded T-J. / Integral=Monoblock TUBE DATA 31,260 4130M7 (105 ksi) TK-34P 213,9 Tensile yield pipe Ref. Enclosed page TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 80% Remaining Body Wall DESCRIPTION XT39 Drill Pipe and Grade Prideco XT39 Heavy Duty Drill XT39 Drill Pipe Specifications. OEM:NOV Grant Prideco; Country of Origin:USA; Nominal OD:OD 4 (4.000) / Premium 3.868 Nominal ID:ID 3.340 / Premium 3.340 Steel Grade:S-135; Nominal Weight:14.00# Nominal Wall Thickness:0.330 Application:Protection for pipes thread; Types of XT39 Heavy Duty Drill PipeHeavy Weight Drill Pipe - NOV10 rows · This intermediate-weight pipe has a wall thickness of approximately 1 in. and helps prevent