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About us VSK Pardubice s.r.o.

VSK Pardubice s.r.o. The VSK Pardubice company was established in Spring 1992. At the beginning the company was mainly involved in construction and development of apparatus (especially pressure vessels including stress calculations and analysis), laboratory devices and pilot and main plants devices for chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Company Profile ::POMAR - Pressure VesselsWe are an established manufacturer of steel pressure vessels for industrial use, with special focus on refrigeration (NH3/CO2 Separators, Receivers, Economizers, Oil Pots, Oil Separators and similar). Majority of our vessels are of bespoke / project design nature - custom made, following requirement details of the client. Crafted and welded from quality PED steel grades.

Fabrication of pressure vessels - MBNS - International

We manufacture pressure vessels for a wide spectrum of working mediums in from customer demanded pressures and temperatures acc. to SN, EN and ASME codes. Building of pressure vessels forms an important part of our production, they are manufactured on the basis of customers wishes. Maximum dimensions/weight:OD = 5500 mm, L = 28000 mm/100 tons/pc High Pressure Cylinders Cylinders Holding a.s.Under the Cylinders Holding brand we produce high pressure steel cylinders, tanks, pressure vessels and their applications in the range from 0.5 to 22.000 liters, with a diameter from 83 mm to 450 mm, with a working pressure of up to 0 bar. Our pressure cylinders and vessels find use in all market segments. HIGH PRESSURE CYLINDERS AND VESSELS INVEKTA Strojírenská výrobaOur key programme is the manufacture of pressure vessels designed for compressed air brakes and auxiliary pneumatic equipment for rail vehicles, and special vessels, especially for mechanical engineering. We also offer the production of weldments up to 3000 kg and complete engineering manufacture. More than twenty years of tradition and experience in the field ensure the quality and


Pressure vessels are used in many different kind of industry. Thin-walled pressure vessel can perform the function as diving bottle, overpressure chamber, distillation tower or filter. They are metal contain-ers. They are fulfilled by liquid or gas under pressure. Construction of the pressure vessel is welded from sheet plate usually. Pressure vessels AC ENGINEERING, s.r.o.Pressure vessels We are able to design pressure vessels of various sizes, focusing not only on single-layer but also on dual-shell. These are often used for the storage and transport of hazardous substances and therefore comply with the following regulations and standards:AD-2000, ASME CODE, 97/23 / EC, Stoomwezen (Dutch Rules), SN EN 690010. Pressure vessels HANAKOV, spol. s r.o.The pressure vessels we manufacture are provided with certification which may differ according to the market to which the pressure vessel is exported. Within the EU states, we manufacture and commission pressure vessels in conformity with PED. Thanks to the advanced technology, many years of experience and sufficient production areas, we are able to deliver made-to-measure pressure vessels

Pressure vessels KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s.

Pressure vessels - Královopolská Brno Pressure vessels - Královopolská Brno Pressure vessels - Královopolská Brno. References. Autoclave COD 433R Year:2020. [email protected] KRÁLOVOPOLSKÁ, a.s. Brno - dodavatel aparát pro chemický a petrochemický prmysl, speciálních prmyslových jeáb, zdvihacích zaízení Processing Equipment Design - cvut.czTypes of pressure vessels:Reactors, autoclaves, heat exchangers, columns, boilers, tanks etc. are usually pressure vessels. According the Czech Standard for pressure vessels SN 690010 - 1.1 and European standard ES 13445-1 pressure vessels are not ( rules of these standards need not be applied to these pressure vessels): dcsolutionsHydranautics membranes // Dear Customers, if you need advice on choosing a suitable membranes, product comparison or membrane design, please feel free to contact us via e-mail [email protected]

CZ Stainless Steel Storage Tanks and Pressure Vessels

CZ is one of the UK's most versatile stainless steel tank and storage vessel manufacturers, not only on size and configuration of products, but also in terms of material types. Segregated facilities allow fabrication of stainless steel storage tanks and vessels in 304L, 316L, 904L grades from the simple chemical holding tank to the most sophisticated reactor vessel.