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1.2 Purpose:This specification covers the method for cleaning and descaling of stainless steel parts and outlines the final cleaning stage or passivation treatments for use on austenitic, ferritic, martensitic and precipitation hardening corrosion resistant steels. Corrosion resistance of stainless steel in methanesulfonic Corrosion resistance of Stainless Steel in Methane Sulfonic Acid 70%. Influence of MSA Manufacturing route L. Renaud, Arkema, Technical Division Lyon, France D. Siguret, Arkema CRRA Reseaarch Center, Lyon France J.A. Laffitte, Arkema GRL Research Center, Lacq France B. Monguillon, Arkema GRL Research Center, Lacq France Summary

Effect of manufacturing process sequence on the corrosion

Jan 15, 2014 · Corrosion tests. Manufactured BPPs were exposed to corrosive environment to assess their corrosion resistance. Two commonly referred electrochemical corrosion test methods in literature [11], [36], [39], [43], [44] namely potentiodynamic (PD) and potentiostatic (PS) tests, were exploited in this investigation. Patent Report:US9863015 Manufacturing method for A manufacturing method for strip casting 550 MPa-grade high strength atmospheric corrosion-resistant steel strip, comprising the following steps:1) smelting, where the chemical composition of a molten steel is that:C is between 0.03-0.08%, Si0.4%, Mn is Steel additive manufacturing:a study on corrosion resistanceAug 14, 2019 · For the study of microstructure and corrosion resistance, the samples were then subjected to metallographic and electrochemical characterization, respectively, the first through Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Fluorescence X-ray Spectroscopy and Optical Bright Field Microscopy (LOM-BF), the second by means of Potentiometric Analysis is Electrochemical Impedance

CN1044388C - Method of manufacturing stainless steel

This invention relates to a process for the production of stainless steel sheets having a more excellent corrosion resistance as compared with the conventional one without trimming the steel sheet surface after annealing-pickling by preventing the chapping of steel sheet surface created in the production of present stainless steel sheet, particularly stainless steel sheets having extreme-low amounts of C, S, O.