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Login . Business Taxes:Enter your BEN, select Business Taxes, and press CONTINUE. Business eFile Number (BEN):(8 digit number mailed to you) Business Taxes(Withholding, Sales, Use, Excise, LPG Fuel, and Motor Fuel) Individual Income/Corporation Income/ Consumer's Use (no permit) ePayments: Maine Sales Tax HelpThe Registration Number is found at the top of your personalized pre-printed Sales and Use or Service Provider tax return, which you receive in the mail. The sales tax registration number is listed on the retailer's certificate. Enter this seven digit number in the space provided.

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Access a reseller permit. Request a tax status letter. Access secure messages. More services. E file a no business return. Pay a bill. File a consumer use tax return. Visit ucp.dor.wa.gov :Search for unclaimed property. Sales & Use Tax - Department of RevenueThe use tax is a "back stop" for sales tax and generally applies to property purchased outside the state for storage, use or consumption within the state. The Kentucky Sales & Use Tax returns (forms 51A102, 51A102E, 51A103, 51A103E, and 51A113) are not available online or by fax. The forms are scannable forms for processing purposes. Sales & Use Tax Georgia Department of RevenueSales & Use Tax. Rates & Due Dates. Tips for Completing the Sales and Use Tax Return on GTC. Sales & Use Tax Import Return. Filing and Remittance Requirements (This is a link to Rule 560-12-1-.22 on the Georgia Secretary of State's website.) Sales Tax ID Verification Tool. Nonprofit Organizations.

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Businesses shipping goods into Utah can look up their customers tax rate by address or zip code at tap.utah.gov . Tax rates are also available online at Utah Sales & Use Tax Rates or you can contact the Tax Commission at 801-297-2200 or 1-800-662-4335. Tax rates may change quarterly. Sales and Use Tax Electronic FilingWays to file:1. Key universal sales tax form (UST-1) or universal use tax form (UUT-1) in its entirety via Gateway application. 2. File Upload (E Data Entry) - Upload county sales tax data or use tax from a file, then key remainder of return. Gateway will perform most addition and subtractions for the taxpayer. Sales and Use Tax Minnesota Department of RevenueSales Tax applies to most retail sales of goods and some services in Minnesota. You may owe Use Tax on taxable goods and services used in Minnesota when no sales tax was paid at the time of purchase. We also administer a number of local sales taxes. COVID-19 Penalty Relief. You may ask us to cancel or reduce penalties and interest for late

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If you owe tax and do not have a tax license, please call 1-800-829-9188 . Use EPath to file and pay the following taxes:911 Emergency Surcharge. Bank Franchise Tax. Contractors Excise Tax. Sales and Use Tax. Motor Fuel:Biodiesel Producer. CNG Vendor. Virginia Tax Online Services for Businesses - iReg LoginPay a bill - QuickPay. Tax Preparer Login. Sign up for email updates. FIPS Code Lookup. Apply for a Nonprofit Exemption. bFile - Select ApplicationRE:July 15th Sales & Use Tax Direct Debit Payments. Our agency is in progress of processing all sales & use tax payments scheduled for 7/15/21 and after. You may see a delay in the debiting of your payment from your account. Please be assured that all 7/15 scheduled payments will be considered timely paid even if debited after 7/15.

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Welcome to the Florida Sales and Use Tax, Prepaid Wireless E911 Fee, and Solid Waste Tax, Fees and Surcharge Website