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® Blood Collection Tubes SST Label Type Additive/ Concentration Packaging Box/Case Quantities 367981 P 13 x 75 3.5 Conventional Red/Gray Paper Clot Activator/ Polymer Gel 100/1000 367983 P BLOOD COLLECTION TUBES - Catholic Medical CenterBLOOD COLLECTION TUBES LIGHT BLUE TOP TUBE 2.7 ml draw and 1.8 ml draw Liquid 3.2% sodium citrate anticoagulant RED TOP TUBE 4 ml draw Sprayed on clot activator GOLD TOP TUBE (SST) 3.5 ml draw Sprayed on clot activator with gel for serum separation LIGHT GREEN TOP TUBE

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Draw blood collection tubes in the correct order, to avoid cross-contamination of additives between tubes. As colour coding and tube additives may vary, verify recommendations with local laboratories. For illustration purposes, Check the label and forms for accuracy. The label should be clearly written with the information required by the Blood Collection Process:Venipuncture » Pathology The label must include the patient first and last names, DOB,, collection date and time and collectors initials. If no patient labels are available, manually label the tubes with the required information. All labels must include two identifiers . The tube must be labeled before leaving the patient. 13. Observe special handling requirements Blood Collection Tubes - Cardinal HealthGlass Blood Collection Tubes Lab Briefings Webinar Series Cardinal Health Lab Briefings is an educational webinar series that provides clinical insights, industry information, and hot topic updates across a variety of diagnostic related issues.

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9. Label the tube carefully and clearly with all pertinent information or bar code. Unless otherwise indicated, serum samples may be sent at room temperature. When multiple tests requiring frozen serum are ordered, a plastic transport tube should be prepared for each test. Blood Collection / Transport Containers Frozen Serum. When frozen serum is required, place the plastic transport tube(s) LABORATORY TUBE COLLECTION QUICK REFERENCE 8 tube inversions ensure mixing of anticoagulant with blood to prevent clotting. NO CLOTTING TIME REQUIRED PREFERRED FOR ALL STAT GENERAL CHEMISTRY REQUESTS!! TESTS LISTED ABOVE FOR THE LIGHT GREEN TUBE ARE ACCEPTABLE FOR THIS TUBE CARBAMAZEPINE Avoid SST® blood collection tube is preferred LACTIC ACID WHOLE BLOOD (NOT ON ICE) GRAY POLICY TITLE:Laboratory Specimen Collection, Labeling Minimum label requirements:The label should contain date, time and initials of the staff member who collected the This information is vspecimen. ital to the laboratory who processes the specimen because if the specimen is lost they will know when it was collected

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ratio of the blood specimen. The discard tube should be a nonadditive or coagulation tube. RED/BLACK RED ROYAL BLUE GREEN GRAY, and White Label TAN YELLOW, and White Label with Yellow Horizontal Stripe YELLOW (CULTURE) , and No Paper Label (adult tube) or Yellow Label (pediatric tube) LAVENDER LIGHT BLUE GRAY, and Yellow Label YELLOW PLASTIC, and Yellow Label