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High Quality Aluminum Coil Slitting Winding Machine Price in China The price of High Quality Aluminum Coil Slitting Winding Machine from China is based on the bulk order quantity. Henan Xintaoyuan Machinery Co., Ltd. offers flexible prices for Coil Slitting Machine variations depending on the importing country and quantity. How to avoid slit-in coil slitting problemsMar 07, 2006 · Good coil slitting tooling and practices result in good edge quality. Many problems can arise during metal slitting. These include poor edge quality, edge burr, edge wave, camber, crossbow, knife marks, and slit width that is out of specification. When slitting

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Precision metal coil steel slitting, often referred to as rolled steel slitting, is a process by which wide coils of metal are fed lengthwise through a slitter and cut into narrower coils. Each of the finished widths is known as a strand, and is recoiled to produce a finished width narrow slit coil. Learn more about our Slitting Steel Process. Narrow width slitting Narrow Slit Coil Precision SlittingNarrow Width Slit Coil & Precision Slitting From 0.024. Gibbs specializes in narrow-width slitting . We stock a wide variety of grades of stainless steel, carbon steel, and specialty metals throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, in gauges as thin as 0.0019. We slit extremely narrow widths from .024 wide to precision tolerances for many industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, Slitting Machine for Steel Coil - Formetal TechnologyBrief introduce 4×1500mm Steel Coil Slitting Machine is for slitting the mother steel coil to be strips and then recoiling to be some small steel coils. It can continuously run and has a high working efficiency. We can especially design and manufacture the machine according to

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18 inch stanat slitting line 2 ½ abors 2500 lb coils $70000 18 inch stanat slitting line 3 arbors 5000 lb uncoiler 5000 lb recoiler $50000 24 inch stanat slitting line 3 arbors 5000 lb coils 8 12 16 20 id on recoiler $60000 florida 24 yoder slitting line 2 ½ arbors 1500 lb coils $60000 30 stanat slitting line 5 arbors slitter head closes to 12 inches wide 10000 lb coils $125000 Slitting and cut-to-length lines for metal coils - ENCEThe engineering company ENCE GmbH ( ) can offer different metal coil slitting and cutting-to-length lines for post-treatment of coil steel after cold rolling process, as well as for steel strips when used after pickling process, hot dip galvanizing, paint and polymer coating lines.The engineering company ENCE GmbH ( ) assisted by its multi-branched Steel Coil Slitting Line Machine For Stainless Steel Slit CoilThe side gap of the steel coil slitting machine also determines the quality of the edge of the stainless steel slit coil. The shear zone and tear zone should be neat and the surface is smooth. The general shear zone accounts for 20% of the thickness of the metal coil. To 45%, the thicker the metal coil, the larger the shear zone.

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Feb 05, 2019 · Automatic high speed slitting lines are the most convenient slitting lines to work with, the complete slitting line start with a hydraulic coil car and de-coiler, then the steel coil opens continuously and storage in hook after leveling and shearing parts Then reaches a main part of the slitting line SLITTER, includes blades and shim to slits steel coils, then again storage loop to storage steel strips after slitter, From here slitting Toll Slitting Toll Stainless Slitting Light Gauge Gibbs Offers Precision Slitting Services for Stainless, Carbon, Specialty Metals, Red Metals and More! Gibbs provides toll slitting services for your production quantities or small coil needs. Well slit your coil to standard or extremely close tolerances, package it to Coil Steel Slitting Machines - Consolidated MetalThe metal slitting process involves wide coils of metal that are fed lengthwise through a metal slitter and cut into narrow coils. As the coils runs through the slitter, sharp, powerful circular blades make the cuts into the metal. These are commonly called slitting knives and can be adjusted to make sheet metal strips of differing widths.