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, , ; Automatic Skinning Machines - CM Machine ServicesAnother frequently bought skinner is the Nock Fish Skinning Skinex SB 496 because of the feature of having a cleaning roller with water for processing fresh fish. There is a specialized application included of having low-loss skinning of the fish, meaning it ensures only the skin is taken off and not the meat within .

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Feb 27, 2020 · Related products. Nock Skinex QS 98 - New; Nock Skinex S 460 - New; Nock Cortex CF 300 Counterboy - New; Baader 240 Skinning machine - New CES / Nock USA - Nock Skinex QS 98Skinex S 460; Cortex CF 420; Skinex S 420; Cortex CF 300; Gyros Cutting Machines; Poultry Skinning Machines; Strip Cutting Machines; Skinex QS 98. Features and application range. cutting width:2 x 200 mm; NOCK POWER PLATES Derinding machines - InwestpolCORTEX CBF 469, CORTEX CBF 496 SALMON, CORTEX CBF 496/7 SALMON TWIN, SKINEX SB 496, SKINEX QS 888, FREEZE DRUM SKINNER TFE 350 - TFE 550 - automatic fish skinners with conveyor belts. CORTEX CF 460, SKINEX S 460 - open top fish skinners (stand models) CORTEX CF 420, SKINEX S 420, CORTEX CF 300 COUNTERBOY - fish skinners, table models

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Fish Skinners. NOCK Fish Skinners offer highly efficient and precise skinning with three variable methods:Thin Skinning, Deep Skinning & 'Silver Skinning'. With the main components manufactured from high-quality stainless steel including the machine casing, conveyor frame, transport roller and blade holder. All featuring the innovative Active Fish skinning machines - NOCK Maschinenbau GmbH - PDF Cortex CF 460 Skinex S 460 Features and application range The NOCK Cortex CF 460 and the Skinex S 460 are open top fish skinning machines for manual infeed. The sister models differ in the applied skinning technology and therefore in the favoured suitability:Cortex CF 460:CF technology. Universal suitability for many fish species. Fish skinning machines - NOCK Maschinenbau GmbHAutomatic fish skinner with NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER® optimized for skinning fresh and smoked salmon. Cortex CBF 496/7 SALMON TWIN. Skinex S 460. Open top fish skinner with S technology and special application for low-loss skinning of fish with thin skin. Table model Cortex CF 420 .

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NOCK Skinex S 460. Customer support:[email protected] 041/632-930 . Koarica 0 izdelkov - 0,00 Nakupovalna koarica je e prazna! NOCK skin removal machines |PanepolCortex CBF 496, Cortex CBF 496 SALMON, Skinex SB 496, Skinex QS 888, Cortex CF 460, Cortex CF 420 and Skinex S 420 - modern machines for skinning fresh and smoked fish fillet. Nock Fish Skinner - Skinex S460 - Superior Food MachineryThe Nock Skinex S460 fish skinner is an open top floor standing fish skinning machine which runs off 3ph electricity. The Skinex S460 has S-technology which is particularly suitable for low-loss skinning of fish species with thin skin. Eg. tilapia, pangasius, trout, cod, catfish squid etc.

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Jun 25, 2019 · Technical data Skinex S 460; cutting width:430 mm:cutting speed:29 m/min:blade gap:0 0.5 mm infinitely adjustable:overall dimension W x H x D:750 x 960 x 750 mm:weight:160 kg:motor performance:0.75 kW:electrical connection:3 AC 400 V 50 Hz. IEC 60309 16 A 6h. other voltages upon request:water connection:G 1/4 internal Nock Skinex SBW 496 White Fish - IB Food-MachinesRelated products. Nock Skinex SBS 416 - New; Nock TFE 350 - New; Nock Cortex CBF 496 Salmon - New; Nock Skinex S 460 - NewNock Skinex S460 Fish Skinner - windsorfoodmachineryJun 25, 2019 · NOCK IMMEDIATE CUT-OUT® (ICO) SYSTEM. transport roller with coarse or fine toothing. feeding unit for secure skinning of smaller fish. special equipment for the skinning of herring. Technical data Skinex S 460. cutting width. 430 mm. cutting speed. 29 m/min.